hoops embroidery

I’m Doresia Gutierrez, a visual artist that specializes in hand embroidery. Most of my work is inspired by my Mexican cultural heritage. Growing up along the Texas- Mexico border in McAllen, Texas, I travelled to and from both countries my whole life and have always been inspired by both cultures artistically. You can see  this through my color  and design choices inspired by Mexico's vibrant street colors and my ancestral connection to the craft. The laborious technique was introduced to me by my grandmother who grew up and lives in Mexico. Embroidery was a craft traditionally only practiced by women in her times and stereotypically seen as “women’s work.”  Through my needlework, I challenge this stereotype and show the versatility of embroidery by working with  non traditional embroidery mediums. 



Every single HOOPS piece is one-of-a-kind, hand-embroidered, or  hand-made. In a market where fast fashion is produced constantly and creates immeasurable amounts of waste, HOOPS hopes to form a part of the fashion community  that honors the careful process of creating every single piece with care, time, and love. HOOPS  strongly supports and practices the use of ethical material  and reducing the amount of waste that goes into production .